Exclusive Content - 21 May 2018

Solving Indonesia’s Talent Deficit

Indonesia has a fast growing middles class, estimated to be around 50 million today and…
Exclusive Content - 02 April 2018

An Economy Ripe For Disruption

Projecting forward, Indonesia has the potential to become the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia.…
Exclusive Content - 13 March 2018

Batam Jadi Pusat Logistik, BP Batam Undang Investor yang Mau Kembangkan Bandara dan Pelabuhan

BATAM - Banyak rencana program yang akan dilakukan BP Batam dalam upaya pengembangan Batam ke depan.…
Exclusive Content - 12 March 2018

The Future of Batam: Creating A Regional Hub

Exclusive Content - 12 March 2018

Batam’s Business Model: Facing the Wrong Way?

Batam has an unbeatable business proposition. The Indonesian island is 20 kilometres from Singapore, offers…
Exclusive Content - 12 March 2018

Behind The Master Minds of Meisterstadt

At Pollux Properties, we aim to develop projects that deliver the most positive impact and…
Exclusive Content - 12 March 2018

Batam: A blue diamond in Kepri

Batam has a rich history of being a major economic player in the region. Strategically…