News - 03 April 2018

Tourist arrivals up 9.12 percent in February

Bali residents, expatriates and tourists all enjoy a festival on March 10. (JP/Zul Edoardo)

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has announced that foreign tourist arrivals in February reached 1.2 million, or 9.12 percent higher than 1.10 million arrivals in January.

BPS head Suhariyanto said tourists that entered from major Indonesian gateways reached 62 percent, or 743,900 foreign tourists.

“We hope that the positive trend in the number of foreign arrivals will continue. The increase reached 17.36 percent if compared to the figure in the same month last year,” Suhariyanto said at a press conference in Jakarta on Monday.

He explained 261,500 tourists, or 22 percent of the total arrivals in February, entered Indonesia through seaports, while 195,700 people, or 16 percent, entered via land road checkpoints.

Sending 214,427 tourists, China was at the top of the list of tourist-contributing countries to Indonesia, followed by Malaysia (205,855), Singapore (125,153), East Timor (123,777) and India (42,680).

The number of foreign tourists from January to February reached 2.30 million, or a 7.99 percent increase, compared to the figure in the same period, last year.

Occupancy of the star-rated hotels reached 56.21 percent in February, or a 3.64 percent increase compared to the rate in February last year 2017 and a 4.3 percent increase compared to January this year.

Meanwhile, the length of stay reached 1.92 days on average, or 0.01 percent higher compared to the length of stay in February last year.  (bbn)

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