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Indonesia 2045: Imagining The Future

Indonesia’s economic potential is huge. It has a fast growing middles class and one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Between now and 2050, it could create as much as $1 trillion in market opportunities in industries such as consumer services, education, manufacturing, energy, fintech, property and transportation.

What will Indonesia be like in 25 years from now? Will its cities be clogged by traffic congestion and choking in pollution? Will its vast natural heritage of pristine forests and seas be laid to waste? Will its people still be struggling to exist above the poverty line?

There is another picture we can imagine for the nation. A country whose cities are powered by new technology and clean energy. A country whose economy is fuelled by new services and modern manufacturing. A country where its citizens are gainfully employed in well paying jobs. A country where hope burns bright and global talent is plentiful.

According to McKinsey, the Savings and Investment sector is projected to expand from US$85 billion to US$565 billion; Education from US$14 billion to US$42 billion; Transportation from US$13 to US$30 billion.

Such rapid expansion will transform the economy and create new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. The government will have to adjust its services as well as develop new regulations that do not choke off innovation.

The future is bright. The question is how does Indonesia get there?  

The 4th Indonesia Economic Forum will look at both the opportunities as well as the challenges facing Indonesia over the next 30 years. IEF 2017 will highlight growth sectors that will power the economy and identify opportunities for entrepreneurs to tap.

There is $1 trillion to be made.

New Growth Sectors
Future of Cloud Platforms
Future Education: Smart Learning
The Future of Energy
Property: Building the Future
The Future of Manufacturing
Fintech: Smart Investing
The Future of  Telecommunication
Future of Transportation
Future of Healthcare



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