Human Relevance Amid the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Paul Teng, Group CEO of Six Capital, speaking at the 3rd Indonesia Economic Forum (IEF) at the Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta on November 15, 2016. (Photo by Jurnasyanto Sukarno/IEF)

Does the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) threaten our relevance?

Paul Teng, Group CEO of Six Capital, tackled this controversial question at the 3rd annual meeting of the Indonesia Economic Forum (IEF) at the Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta on November 15, 2016.

With Indonesia entering the so-called Industry 4.0 — of the fourth industrial revolution where robotics and AI are making manufacturing more efficient and displacing workers — this is a discussion that needs to be carried out, he said.

“Worker displacement is the opposite of growth,” he told the forum.

Recent technological advancements have pushed the boundaries of AI, allowing it to solve complex problems without needing to be told how, in an imperfect information environment, which leads to quicker, more efficient, and adaptive optimization.

Skills required could also ultimately transfer to real-world tasks, shown by the effective use of memory, ability to plan over a long time, and the capacity to adapt plans based on new information.

At an advanced stage, Paul said, AI should no longer be considered a new tool, but a new species.

“We’ll be interacting with a new species called AI,” he said.

Where will all this leave us human beings?

The rise of AI doesn’t challenge who we are, but our purpose, Paul said, which is built upon what we do. And we can change what we do to work more productively with AI.

“Working together, humans and AI can make a kill shot,” he said.

Using the example of video game world, he asked the crowd to imagine gaming as not just a teenager’s leisure pursuit but as a productive activity that creates new opportunities and future jobs.

SixCap has created TAGG, an evolving web-based strategy battle card game that aims to enable casual gamers to earn-as-they-play in an approachable, interactive and engaging manner.

“We use hybrid intelligence to stabilize and maintain its in-game economy, enabling gamers to earn as they play,” he said.

With TAGG, he said AI is used to optimize gamer performance and improve the gamer’s ability to earn.

“Hybrid intelligence enables us to co-create a sustainable future,” he said.