IEF 2016 Recognizes Innovative Health Ideas From Indonesian Youth

Winners of a competition on innovative health ideas held by the Indonesia Economic Forum and SIXCAP Group at the closing of the two-day forum on November 15, 2016. (Photo by Jurnasyanto Sukarno/IEF)

The 3rd annual two-day meeting of the Indonesia Economic Forum (IEF) ended on a high note by recognizing promising innovative ideas for a healthier Indonesia from young Indonesians.

Yusak Yosefianus, Foinoto Wira, Sendy Inka Casella, R Bugi Aditya, Hesty Irna Aulia, Dimas Ragil, Nur Fadly Ryzqy, Rossa Kurnia, Riko Agus Salam and Abrar Surya were chosen as winners after a week-long social media contest that reached almost 300,000 people.

The competition, which asked netizens to submit ideas on how to achieve a healthier Indonesia through technology, was sponsored by SIXCAP Group's Nusahealth, a health care application developed with Gadjah Mada University.

“The campaign was launched to get a glimpse of how Indonesians take new ideas, by inviting young Indonesians to engage through the forum’s social media platforms on what they think of health, what are their concepts of being healthy and their ideas on how Indonesia should be innovating,” IEF founder Shoeb Kagda said during his speech at the closing of the forum at the Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta on November 15, 2016

Paul Teng, the co-founder and chief executive officer of SIXCAP Group, awarded the 10 winners with an iPad Mini each.

When Shoeb asked the winners what motivated them to join the campaign, many said they wanted to meet the forum’s prominent speakers and guests, such as Ilham Habibie, the founder of Berkarya!Indonesia and a son of former Indonesian President BJ Habibie, GO-JEK Indonesia founder Nadiem Makarim, former Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan, and Putri Indonesia 2015 Anindya Putri.

Others said they wanted to find out more about industrial insights, the economy, infrastructure and SIXCAP’s goals.

Anindya, who assisted Paul in giving away the prizes, said the winning ideas included creating apps for health and starting a movement to change millennial habits toward a healthier lifestyle.

“I think we should do more of this for a better Indonesia,” Anindya said.

Shoeb said the awards encapsulated what the forum was trying to achieve – which is to inspire, motivate and get young Indonesia to engage in innovations, together with the forum’s partners such as SIXCAP and Gadjah Mada University. It also showed that Indonesia has the potential for innovation.

“The forum can serve as a platform for all components of Indonesian society to come together,” Shoeb concluded.