News - 16 October 2018

Ma`ruf Amin: Halal Has Become Global Issue


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The 2018 Jogja Halal Fest—a halal product exhibition—held in Jogja Expo Center presented K.H. Ma’ruf Amin, the head of the advisory board of Islamic Economic Community (MES), in its closing session on Sunday evening, October 14.

The running mate of President Joko Widodo said the halal concept had become a global issue, which was not only applicable to Muslim majority countries but had also been adopted by non-Muslim countries, such as South Korea and Taiwan. 

Ma’ruf Amin said halal products were not limited to food and beverage products, but had expanded to the business sector. Thus, the Indonesian people, especially the Muslim community, should fervently implement the halal concept in all aspects of life, such as fashion, style, culinary, education, and finance. 

Thus, he called on the public to embrace halal as a main part of life with the tagline "halal is my life".

Meanwhile, Yogyakarta MES chairman Mursida Rambe mentioned the revenue of the four-day festival amounted to over Rp10 billion with total visitors of around 31,000.

“Islamic Economic Community (MES) synergizes with all policymakers, entrepreneurs, and the society to promote the halal concept,” she said. 



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