News - 17 October 2018

Ministry prepares two draft regulations on ride-hailing apps

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The Transportation Ministry has prepared two draft regulations on ride-hailing apps after the previous regulations were annulled by the Supreme Court in September.

“We just had a meeting with the transportation minister. I have prepared two draft ministerial regulations,” said the ministry’s land transportation Director General Budi Setiyadi in Jakarta on Monday as quoted by

He explained the first draft regulation was related to the implementation of specific ride-hailing apps and another draft regulation was on minimum service standards.

One of the new items in the minimal service standard regulation is the requirement for ride-hailing app providers to provide a panic button in the application as an additional security and safety feature for customers, Budi said.

Budi added he would take the two drafts to a focus group discussion (FGD), which will be held from Oct. 18 to 24, to seek input from all ride-hailing app stakeholders.

“After being discussed in the FGD, we will discuss the drafts further with app providers, representatives of drivers and the government. We will involve all parties in the discussions about the drafts,” Budi said, adding that the government would take its time before turning the drafts into official regulations.

He said the government had 90 days to amend the regulation from its annulment.

The new draft regulations will be improved to avoid more protests from stakeholders, Budi said, adding that the new regulations would start to take effect on Dec. 20. (bbn)

Source: The Jakarta Post

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